1. Incredible Hulk #363
    By Peter David, Jeff Purves, and Marie Severin
    Published December 1989

    Doctor Doom hired Grey Gargoyle to go after Hulk. He gets on a plane and flies across the desert Southwest until a gamma radiation detector goes off, getting the attention of an air marshall, who Gargoyle turns to stone. This goes unnoticed by stewardesses until well after landing because Grey Gargoyle put a blanket over the statue’s head.

    The scientist who thought Bruce “Bancroft” might be more than just a janitor is named Doctor Sterns, so be prepared for the Leader, whose real name is Sam Sterns, to show up soon. Doctor Sterns figures out Bruce’s true identity and offers to help him research ways to cure himself of the Hulk, though he suggests since everyone else exposed to gamma radiation changes physically, perhaps Hulk is the true manifestation of gamma irradiated Banner and the cure would eliminate his human form.

    Posing as an undercover cop, Grey Gargoyle pulls over Bruce Banner and turns him to stone. He tosses him in the back of his car, but when the sun goes down, Banner turns into Hulk. Hulk is able to move, albeit slowly. He and Gargoyle fight, culminating in Hulk breaking Gargoyle’s arm, leaving Gargoyle an hour to fix it before he reverts to human form. Hulk walks away laughing.