1. Incredible Hulk #351
    By Peter David, Jeff Purves, and Bob Wiacek
    Published January 1989

    Hulk is back from fighting in the Evolutionary War in a crossover with the Avengers and exhausted. He passes out in his Mr. Fixit suite and dreams about the bomb going off in Middletown and we get the story of how he survived and why he doesn’t change back into Banner any more.

    Just as the bomb goes off, Hulk is transported to Jarella’s world thanks to some magic by three mages named Gorsham, Whully, and Booly. He sees a blond woman he thinks is Jarella being attacked by the pig-dog creatures called Warthos. He kills them, then learns that since he was last here, the Hulk and Jarella have been raised to the level of gods.

    The mages want Hulk to help restore order to the planet by overthrowing the Grand Inquisitor. The woman runs back to her village and tells everyone she’s seen the Lord Hulk and that he’s returns, but she’s taken away and tortured for blasphemy.

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