1. That’s it. I started this project on July 1, 2012 and after 365 issues of Incredible Hulk and Tales to Astonish (plus annuals and some What If…?s), we’ve hit our goal.

    Thanks for sticking it out with me. If you want more single panels from single comics, start following Punisher 365 tomorrow.

  2. Incredible Hulk #417
    By Peter David, Gary Frank, and Cam Smith
    Published May 1994

    Hulk tells Doc Samson about his experience in the future with Maestro and relates how much Maestro reminded him of his father. He decides maybe he should start paying more attention to his counseling sessions with Samson.

    Marlo’s mother flies in for the wedding and Hulk pretends her suitcases are too heavy for him to carry. Ha ha ha…

    Rick and Marlo have their bachelor and bachelorette parties. Marlo’s group goes to a Chippendale’s with a cowboy dancer named the Barehide Kid. The place gets robbed, but She-Hulk and Invisible Woman stop that quickly.

    Rick’s bachelor party is attended by several heroes because Captain America finally told the Avengers not to hold Rick’s actions during the police standoff against him. Nick Fury sends a stripper.

    And when they put on a porno, Marlo is the star.

  3. In 12 hours, to celebrate the 365th issue of Hulk 365, Nick Fury hires a stripper.

  4. Incredible Hulk #416
    By Peter David, Gary Frank, and Cam Smith
    Published April 1994

    Hulk, Silver Surfer, and the Starjammers are brought to the Troyjan king who tells them they are all free to go because he has decided to let everyone who was arrested on his son’s wedding day. Atalanta tells Hulk about the agreement between Agamemnon and the Troyjans, but Hulk decides to fight for her anyway.

    Trauma fights Hulk one on one to prove himself to his father and winds up getting impaled on a decorative piece of armor and dying. With his dying wish, he grants Atalanta and the rest their freedom so his dad lets them go.

  5. From the Incredible Hulk #415 letters page

  6. Incredible Hulk #415
    By Peter David, Gary Frank, and Cam Smith
    Published March 1994

    Silver Surfer brings the unconscious Hulk to the Starjammers for medical attention. The rest of the Pantheon is on Trauma’s ship. Trauma, by the way, is from an alien race called Troyjans.

    Achilles threatens Prometheus, saying Hulk is not part of the Pantheon and anyone who tries to stop Achilles from getting rid of Hulk is going to be in trouble.

    Hulk, Silver Surfer, and the Starjammers run a Troyjan blockade and pick a fight at a Troyjan city floating in the middle of OUTERSPAAAAAAAACE. A magistrate comes to arrest them and take them before the Troyjan king, which is where they wanted to go anyway, so they allow themselves to be arrested.

    About that same time, that king is explaining to Ulysses, Atalanta, and other members of the Pantheon that Trauma is entitled to take Atalanta as his bride because of a deal the Troyjans struck with Agamemnon thousands of years ago. He was given Troyjan technology that gave him and all his children extended lives, and the Troyjans are allowed to take any Pantheon members for whatever reason they see fit.

  7. The scene from Future Imperfect where Rick’s great granddaughter comes to the past to find him finally happens a year after Future Imperfect came out.

    And I’ll barely mention it in 12 hours.

  8. Incredible Hulk #414
    By Peter David, Gary Frank, and Cam Smith
    Published February 1994

    Hulk and the Pantheon follow Trauma’s spaceship in a spaceship of their own. Rick Jones gets upset that Hulk won’t let him go along because now that Rick is getting married he has more important responsibilities. Rick also learns that all the Avengers are suspicious of him since he turned on Captain America and are therefore hesitant to attend his wedding.

    Hulk and the Pantheon fight Trauma and breech the hull of his ship to board. Trauma is beating up on Hulk and Prometheus wants to help, but Achilles knocks him out. Fortunately, Silver Surfer happens along—Rick mentioned to Doctor Strange that Hulk was in space. Trauma’s ship goes into super-hyper-faster-than-light speed and leaves Achilles and the unconscious Prometheus and their ship behind.

  9. As part of Incredible Hulk #413, Hulk and Atalanta do some virtual reality training a la the X-Men’s Danger Room that gives Gary Frank a chance to draw random characters like Venom, Wolverine, Psylocke, Doomsday, Ghost Rider, and Thing. I picked up this page of original art about ten years ago and it’s hanging on my son’s wall today.

  10. Incredible Hulk #413
    By Peter David, Gary Frank, and Cam Smith
    Published January 1994

    Doc Samson is disturbed that Hulk seems to be punching a lot of people instead of trying to work things out non-violently. He tries to get Rick to reveal the location of the Mount.

    Rick goes to the remains of Gamma Base and plays his harmonica while he reflects on whether he should have helped Samson. Atalanta shows up too because she’s trying to understand Hulk better in light of his ordering her to stop seeing Achilles. While they are there, Trauma and his men land and take Atalanta to be his bride… IN OUTERSPAAAAAAAACE! Hulk tries to stop them but fails and gets angry.

    Also, Betty tries to figure out she’s going to live if Marlo moves in with Rick. She might have to go be with her husband.